Put things in perspective

A week and a half ago, my Danish politics professor had a major heart attack. I didn’t know Jacob Buksti well other than the fact that he came out of retirement to teach at my school in Copenhagen but he was passionate for government and passionate for students. Jacob probably didn’t even know my name yet when he passed, but his death has since affected me at a level I didn’t think it could.

I have been granted the amazing opportunity to call Europe home for an entire semester. So, while I’m a broke college kid trying to stretch my kroner as far as it can possibly go, Jacob has taught me to never pass up a chance to make a memory just because it’s a little too expensive. (Mom and Dad, don’t worry, I’m not about to go buy a Lambo! Even though that would be quite an experience…) But who knows when our time is up and I don’t want to go home in December wishing that I’d done it differently. So this blog post is dedicated to Jacob, and all of the little pleasures in life he’s taught me to appreciate. This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime-experience, and we only get one lifetime.

Linda, me, my CMC classmate Eric, and Michael, waiting for the FC Copenhagen game to start (the seats were packed in another 15-20 minutes!). Linda’s style and makeup school is a sponsor for the team so my host parents shared with Eric and me their season tickets and spoiled us with a great meal before kick off. The game was tied 0-0 until the 88th minute, when FCK scored not once but twice to take the win! The intensity and the excitement in the stadium was tangible.img_2977

Another local host family invited all of the homestay students in the area to their home to learn how to bake fresh bread of all kinds and apple cake with apples picked fresh off the tree (yes, they are actually pink!). Afterwards, we all sat outside on a long table and watched the sunset as we ate personal pizzas cooked in their outdoor pizza oven.img_3029

One of my favorite modern art installations from Core Course Week. This is a poem from a larger set about the lost art of words due to the rise in technology. In the Hamburg Art Museum, the largest art museum in Germany – img_3149

Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House courtesy of my Danish Language & Culture Class. Glad my host family felt the need to culture me and watch Black Swam a few weeks ago. Tomorrow we’re watching 6th Sense… ironic how a Danish family has seen more American movies than I have…img_3185

And to continue the ice cream tour of Europe, the best coffee soft serve I’ve ever had, with espresso sprinkled on top – img_3160

One of the many gorgeous modern tapestries hanging in the Great Hall of Christiansborg Palace. This one depicts the increasing importance of science in society and WWI and WWII – img_3334

There are 8 of us from CMC at DIS this semester. We’re trying to get together once every 2 weeks to catch up and try out a new food spot in Copenhagen. Last week was ramen – img_3176

And an impromptu meet up with even more CMCers at Oktoberfest, which to popular disbelief, is in September! This is a festival unlike any other – people from all over the world come to pack into a handful of tents (what even is fire code?) to drink beer, cheer loudly when someone stands on the table and chugs beer, and sing German songs about drinking beer. Pure and simple. Needless to say the overnight bus-ferry-bus-train was well worth it.

Saturday was spent in the Hofbrau Tent – img_4272img_3218

And Sunday spent exploring Munich – img_3278img_3287img_3229img_3295img_3301


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