Greece Day 2: Athens

As promised, day 2 in Athens-

Today was our first full day in Greece. Unfortunately it was rainy and gross for most of it so good thing my rain jacket counted as one of my gazallion layers worn to rough it to the train before daylight yesterday. Little did I know it’d actually prove me more use.

I had true and authentic Greek yogurt with honey for breakfast this morning. By 9:30, we were on our way to visit ancient Athens to see the remaining foundations of the community where many of Plato’s works were set. I’ve been reading about Socrates for various classes since high school, but today, while walking the ruins, something clicked. The landmarks surrounding us at that spot -The Acropolis, the Hill of the Muses, Mount Lycabettus- are so timeless and iconic it almost felt wrong to read about them simply as a setting. But standing in the valley, in the rain, surrounded by rocks symbolizing where homes and building once stood, it made sense why Athens is said to be the birthplace of philosophy. I mean how can this beautiful setting not make you just want to sit back, breathe deeply, and think about life?

I caught my friend Caleigh taking a picture of the landscape from the second floor of the Ancient Athens Museum. I think the fog from the rain even enhanced the effect –img_3578

After the ruins, we were set free to explore the shops and cafes of old Athens on our own for lunch. A small group of us found a lunch spot of the locals and feasted on some authentic Greek cuisine. The Mediterranean really does make a mean Mediterranean Salad. img_3641

After lunch, we went to the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Panathenaic Stadium – img_3581img_3587

I ran the steps at the stadium and raced my friend 50m on the track. How many people in the world can say that they did that? The Panathenaic Stadium is where the Olympic flame is passed to the host nation before every Olympic Games, and down the tunnel where the athletes used to enter the track, inside a small museum, is a collection of every Olympics torch since 1900 up until Rio. I saw a lot of amazing things today but THAT seas incredible. img_3609

Sometime between pretending I’m an Olympian and stuffing my face with dinner, I stopped and got the best mocha I’ve ever had in my life. I got the choice of dark or milk chocolate (dark of course, is that even a question?) and they literally spooned melted chocolate into milk and espresso. Ohhhh so amazing. img_3577

For dinner, we ate at a rooftop restaurant overlooking The Acropolis. That view really could never get old. Lamb garnished with lime and another Mediterranean Salad fit for the gods. I might never leave.


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